Interaction - Bachelors

Bamboo Wind Chime + Lights

The Bamboo Wind Chime + Lights was inspired by a regular bamboo wind chime and the gentle sound it produces. It is an interactive art installation of an enlarged bamboo wind chime that creates a more immersive experience for the participant. It aims to activate an under-utilised space by attracting people with the gentle sound it produces and create a playful experience in this interactive and immersive space of reactive LEDs and sound.

Nicolas Loh Zhang Zhe

Exhibition flyer

Exhibition Flyer

Design Concept video

Project shots

Nicolas Loh Zhang Zhe

Final year international student majoring in Interaction Design. He is interested in how he can apply his knowledge and skills in the field of photography and architecture. He used to be an architecture student and the academic projects focus a lot on user interaction/user experience within a space and the connection between human and architecture. As an interaction design student now, he is thinking of combining both of the knowledge and skills in contributing to the architecture and urban world.