Interaction - Bachelors

Homo Ludens – Interactive AV installation

Homo Ludens is an interactive audiovisual experience created to reimagine how playful collaboration can exist between artists and their audience.

Touch interface placed in front of a projection playing swirling visuals


At first glance ‘Homo Ludens’ is a simple touch interface placed in front of a projection playing swirling visuals and ambient music. However, playing with the touch interface allows you to become more than just a viewer of the artwork, with it you are able to control many aspects of the artwork.


The prototype combines TouchDesigner a node based visual programming language, Ableton Live a digital audio workstation and TouchOSC a program for creating customisable MIDI and OSC touch interfaces in order to create a highly interactive audio visual installation.

User playing with touch interface in front of a projection playing swirling visuals

Where I’m looking to expand.

Moving on from this first prototype, there seems to be a really exciting opportunity to create easy to use web interfaces that send OSC and MIDI messages. Pairing an application like this with QR codes could take away the need for the iPad and totally transform how we interact with public displays or shows. If you’re interested or you think you’ve got some cool ideas on how to do this, get in touch! There’s a link below. I’d love to hear from you.

Josh Kelly

Josh Kelly is an aspiring interaction designer and music producer based in Brisbane, AU. 2021 has him working towards completing a bachelor's in Interaction design at QUT, while also releasing music under the aliases Oscar Oscar and Yù Yī.